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Sue Barnes

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“When you walk through the All City doors, you know you are Home! That is the way it felt when I entered the doors at All City Real Estate. “

– Sue Barnes, Florida/Jacksonville


All City Real estate places our agents’ needs at the center of our business. Focusing on agent support is our top priority. Please keep reading to learn more about how we support the best agents in the industry.




Sue Barnes


When you walk through the All City doors, you know you are Home! That is the way it felt when I entered the doors at All City Real Estate. I was looking for my real estate home, and All City checked all the boxes.

All City’s unique business model had me questioning everything that I had been taught up to that point, I mean, really amazing stuff going on here! Then I met the corporate support staff, and I also discovered their training model is so inclusive that anyone can join and learn and grow as an agent.

The broker support and hotline are available to assist agents with any questions on a transaction that may come up. All City Real Estate business model is a future forward-thinking brokerage with the agent in the control seat. If you are looking for your real estate home, I invite you to look at ours.

Brokerage Support

Have you ever felt as if your brokerage has left you on an island to fend for yourself? Yeah we have too! That’s why at All City Real Estate agent support is top priority. As an All City agent you have multiple options for getting the help you need.

Agent Hotline

All City agents have access to our agent helpline. If you have questions about transaction details, contracts, client relations, negotiations, or anything pertaining to your deals, simply give the agent helpline a call. You will speak to one of our All City Leadership Alliance members.

The All City Leadership Alliance consists of our most experienced broker associates and veteran agents that give their time and expertise to field questions and support our All City agents.

Administrative Support

Transaction management, accounting, licensing, TREC and company compliance are important parts of our business that we must have in order. We have a dedicated staff of left brined individuals to help support you and provide clarity to what we call the “housekeeping”.

We focus on timely contract review and approval, super fast CDA (Commission Disbursement Authorization) processing and accurate accounting. We have systems and processes in place to insure each one of our agents stay organized and maintain TREC and company compliance in their business.

All City Connect App

As an All City agent you are amongst the best of the best in our industry. Our family of real estate professionals have established a collaborative and supportive culture. You will connect to our community of agents through the All City Connect app.

In the All City Connect app you can ask broker questions, network with fellow All City agents, establish agent referrals, find licensed agents to work open houses, or find All City listings to hold open and much more.

The All City Connect app is your go-to resource for local and on-line classes, as well as the latest company information and announcements.

Private Consultation

Use the calendar below to schedule a one-on-one private consultation.

What Our Agents Are Saying

Came from KW

I joined All City in December of 2016 and never looked back. Came from KW and was ready to keep the work I put in within my own pockets. Expanded my marketing and my career took off from there. Kevin and Dathon are a super smart tag team duo at the top with an amazing support team of Erin, Amber, Jennifer, and Kendra. CDAs are so simple and efficient. Truly no transaction fee or monthly split and we as agents actually are a family who help each other through our collaborative page. They also have great resources available for training if needed. Industry changer!

Nathan Bowers

The broker & staff support is unparalleled

I have been with All City for 6 years now and I am so happy I made the move. The broker & staff support is unparalleled. The broker fees are the best in Texas given all they provide their agents. I am able to brand & run my business the way I want without a ton of micromanaging. So thankful to partner with All City.

Laura Dumke

I can focus more on real estate and clients than running business logistics

It’s been more than 5 years working under AllCity. Although I am now a broker and can start my own firm, but I am impressed by the support and service provided by the professional and friendly staff that goes above and beyond to help their agents. I can focus more on real estate and clients than running business logistics.

Nidhi Malik

Keep on keeping on

I will give a shout out to the whole Administration of All City Real Estate Ltd, Co. from top to bottom. Each and everyone of you plays their role to provide top notch service to us agents. I have never regretted making that decision to join this family. Keep on keeping on. I 💯 recommend All City to agents out there that are goal oriented and looking for personal development.

Jemimah Lane

Their team is amazing

Whether you’re an agent who is starting or experienced, All City Real Estate is focused on helping you grow your business so that you can focus on helping your clients. The transaction platform is easy to use and their team is amazing at getting things done for you very quickly.

Adan Ruiz

All City is my “happy place” when it comes to brokerages.

All City Real Estate is such a wonderful brokerage! Not only do they have an amazing commission structure, but they also have a support system and networking system that’s amazing! Anytime you have a question or legal matter, one of our brokers is always available to assist. All City is my “happy place” when it comes to brokerages. I’m so proud to be a part of it!

Michelle Poremski

I love having a broker hotline to call if I’m in a jam

If you’re an agent: I love being with ACRE, office staff is super helpful, all the agents are friendly, Kevin and Dathon are super smart and easy to work with. I love having a broker hotline to call if I’m in a jam with a deal, even at 10pm on a weekend, they answer!

If you’re looking to buy/sell: ACRE has a fantastic group of agents, almost all are seasoned in the industry and have a great amount of integrity! My name’s Chase Cangelosi if you’re looking to buy/sell 🙂

Chase Cangelosi

Exceptional service to agents and clients!

Working as an agent for almost 10 years I’ve never seen such a knowledgeable brokerage as All City is. Not just for their agents but for everyone in the industry. When you are a client of All City you can rest assure knowing your transaction is checked over and over to make sure there are no errors. Exceptional service to agents and clients!

Amy Manis-Wagner

Wish I had made the switch years ago

Have enjoyed the few yrs that I have been here and wish I had made the switch years ago. Broker helps me when needed and backoffice help is always friendly and helpful.

Donna David

I have had ZERO issues

I have been with All City for a couple years and it has been a great brokerage. They are pretty hands off your business but are there in a heartbeat if you need it kind of feel. Great online community and easy to use software for submitting paperwork. I have had ZERO issues and I get to keep 100% of my commission. Feel free to reach out if you are considering making a change.

Melissa Wile

This is my home

I am so happy with this agency. I have been an agent here for a year and half now and no regrets. Considering the past 2 agencies I was with I left after a few months. Im not going anywhere now!. Love this agency and I love our top notch admins. This is my home.

Cathy Haddad

Great brokerage

I love the software and splits at All City! Great brokerage to hang your license with!!

Kallye Newcomb

You will never feel alone

Been an agent with with All City Real Estate was the best choice for me. Every agent I encounter with is very friendly and professional. They have a hotline that you can call any time and will always get someone to assist you in whatever you need help with. You will never feel alone. Lastly commission is 100%.

Sanika Fennell

The support from the broker and other agents makes this a win-win team.

I absolutely love this brokerage! Having no commission splits is a reality…not a myth. The support from the broker and other agents makes this a win-win team. Thank you All City Real Estate for being the best!!!

Phillip Smith

All City Real Estate is a great brokerage

All City Real Estate is a great brokerage it be a part of. They have so many tools and staff to help guide you in your career. And no other brokerage can beat their low brokerage fee!

Rebecca Feagin

Tons of great tools and resources

Can’t say enough great things about how much I appreciate being a part of this team. For a VERY reasonable broker fee (and no commission split!), you get tons of great tools and resources, a broker help line for any kind of question, the most caring staff who always make you feel like it’s no big deal when you need them, and 1000+ fellow agents to back you up and support you. And as good as they already are, they’re always looking for ways to be better… FOR US. Thanks All City.

JoAnne Lutat

This is the best brokerage to work for

This is the best brokerage to work for. The broker support is phenomenal and we have the kindest community of agents all working together. They have minimal fees and no broker split, it cannot be beat. It feels amazing to work so hard and actually get to take it home. Their tech is the best I’ve used. Submitting transactions is simple, and the dashboard we use is very clear and organized. The CRM is incredible, not mandatory, and very reasonably priced for what you get. Overall, they are everything you could ask for in a brokerage! I am so thankful I came to All City!!

Lisa Roberts

First real estate company that truly cares about us as agents

The BEST real estate company I have worked for in my 37 year career. First real estate company that truly cares about us as agents and empowering us to elevate our careers. Always available to answer questions…..which has been important to me, even in my extensive career.

Debbie Kelsey

Freedom to run your business

All City is a GREAT brokerage ! If you are an agent who wants the freedom to run your business the way you want yet still have the full support of a great family behind you, this would be the brokerage for you! Their policies make sense, their tech is simple, they really have their agents mind!

Brianna Panda

I’m not leaving the best!

All City is the best brokerage! It is agent centered and assistance is readily available by phone call, the app or the helpline. The office personnel are so kind and eager to assist. The brokers genuinely care about their agents and do everything possible to aid them in the real estate world and their personal lives! I get calls every week from other brokerages asking if I’m interested in joining them but my answer hasn’t changed. I’m not leaving the best!

Charre Smith

I love working with All City

I love working with All City, it is like their advertisement says, we get to keep our commission and we are empowered with online training and more😀 just love it!😍

Imelda Fernandez

The perfect place to be.

This is by far the best brokerage to work for. You’ve got great people behind the scenes and amazing support for other agents. If you’re independent and like to run your business the way you want to, this is the perfect place to be.

Keeley Dorman

The best

Best brokerage in Texas!

Scott Bradford

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